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Ilsabé is a scientist who is qualified and experienced to train other scientists. She is present at world forums and is seen as an opinion leader in her field. Together with her team their knowledge is possibly unmatched.

She studied dietetics and physiology and gained experience in government hospitals, community hospitals and she lectured on nutrition. Ilsabe Spoelstra studied food science because she instinctively knew a great deal of quality of life lies in what one eats. It is a natural aspect we strive for, and she wanted to make a positive impact on people’s lives

When her first son was born, she decided to start a private practice. At that stage she already had a passion to improve the health of people. She was passionate about feeding her children properly and succeeded in teaching them good eating habits. She believes that one must practice what you preach.

After a time in private in Bloemfontein, the Spoelstras moved to Burgersdorp and Ilsabe practiced in the rural areas or the Eastern Cape for ten years. She has grown up in the Stormberg Mountains and enjoyed to be among the people and culture she knew, but in 1997, a specialist physician convinced her to return to Bloemfontein, which she did and she started a private practice in Bloemfontein Mediclinic.

She attended various courses and congresses in the following years, and was exposed to some of the greatest scientist and doctors in the world.

She had the privilege to dine out with well known surgeons and gastro-enterologists of ESPEN (European Society for Nutrition and Metabolism) and ASPEN (American Society for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition) who taught her about the treatment of diverticular disease and other diseases. Therefore she is confident in the methods she uses. She learnt from them that inflammation might be a denominator of most diseases and that changed the way she was thinking about nutrition permanently. It has the outcome that her treatment of patients contain much more than normal dietetics. Ilsabe attended one of the first seminars on Supplemental Parenteral Nutrition (SPN) in Cairo, Egypt. Since then she uses this feeding method and lectures on it. Ilsabe is a Bariatric Dietitian for many years and works with the bariatric surgeons of Bloemfontein Mediclinic in the Bariatric Centre of Excellence. Ilsabe qualified as a life Long Learning Teacher at the ESPEN Congress in Madrid Spain. This puts her in the position that she is a teacher in her own country and presents sessions at SASPEN. (South African Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) In the mean time, she is still in full practice, enjoying it and looking forward to meeting her daily patients. The team at Ilsabe Spoelstra Dietitians celebrate almost daily about somebody who was helped and who’s quality of life improved.


Ilsabé is a scientist who is qualified and experienced to train other scientists.

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