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Mediclinic Bloemfontein
Office: Mon - Fri 08.00 -17.00In-hospital : Always available

Our Role

In the hospital setting!
If a person is admitted to hospital we act as Clinical Dietitians. Our role is to determine the need of each patient and to see to it that their nutrition prescription supplies adequate macro and micro nutrients and is aligned with his biochemistry and other data.

It is important to know that nobody else can conclude that a patient gets in the right food or enough food. It might look to be true if the patient eats everything on their plate, but it is often the case that their plate of food alone is not supplying sufficient nutrients, whether it be protein, total energy or certain micro nutrients.

What we aim for

It's our goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.

Patients First

Better outcomes for our patients

Shorter Stay

A shorter hospital bed time – called a “shorter length of stay”

Cost Effective

We save medical aids money by optimizing nutritional status; the better the nutritional status, the quicker the patient will heal.

We are available

Ilsabé Spoelstra dietitians is available 365 days of the year in the hospital setting. WE ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE. We are a team who empower each other; together we are stronger.

What we offer

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